How We Support Quality Deer Management

What is Quality Deer Management (QDM)? To understand how BuckLunch seed helps promote QDM, we first need to briefly explain what QDM means. QDM is a management approach for producing healthy, balanced deer herds. The four principles of QDM are herd management, habitat management, hunter management and herd monitoring. Food plots are an important part of deer habitat management. In addition to natural vegetation management, planting food plots helps increase the quantity and quality of forage available to deer. Our BuckLunch sugar beet seed is a great addition to any wildlife food plot. Deer love to eat both the foliage and the roots and will be immediately attracted to plots where they are grown.

As QDM popularity increases, we see that more landowners, hunters and wildlife managers are implementing QDM practices on both private and public lands. At BuckLunch, we hope to contribute to the efforts being made toward healthier, more balanced deer herds by providing quality sugar beet seed for foodplots. We hope to continue these efforts by developing food plot blends that will make food plot management easier and more feasible for QDM enthusiasts. We hope to have our blends available soon, so please keep checking back with us.

For more information on QDM philosophy and principles, please visit the QDMA website at