BuckLunch Planting Recommendations

BuckLunch sugarbeets grow well in almost all soil types, but do require large amounts of moisture to germinate and grow. Below are some general planting and fertilizing guidelines. Follow these steps for making food plots for deer. There are also printer friendly pdfs for Sugarbeet Seed and BuckLunch Blends.

  1. Planting Food Plots: optimum soil temps of 55 ° F to 70 ° F.
  2. For weed control, Roundup® (Glyphosate is the generic form) may be applied prior to tilling or just prior to planting.
  3. Condition the soil with a disc, chisel plow or similar equipment to prepare a good seed bed.
  4. Drag the seedbed with a drag or chain link fence to further prep the soil.
  5. For starter fertilizer use 50 to 100 pounds (per acre rate) of 16-16-16 or 13-13-13 fertilizer. This provides additional nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to the soil for healthier plants. If you are not sure of your soils fertility, have your soil tested. Your local farm co-op or fertilizer dealer can usually help with this.
  6. Broadcast or drill seed per recommendations on the seed label. If broadcasting, lightly incorporate seed into the soil with a drag or light cultivator
  7. If you have access to a roller or culti-packer, this works well to firm the seedbed and promote good seed-to-soil contact.
  8. Wait for rain or irrigate with about one inch of moisture.
  9. If moisture is adequate, you may apply up to two more applications of nitrogen fertilizer. Do not use more than 50 pounds of 46-0-0 with each application. This only needs to be done if the crop shows signs of leaf yellowing.
  10. If planting includes clovers or alfalfa and the seed mix contains a grass nurse crop (wheat, barley, or oats) mow the plot twice to reduce the competition from both weeds and nurse crop.