BuckLunch Products

  • Bare Sugarbeet Seed

    Bare Sugarbeet Seed

    Our primary product that is a great addition to any food plot. Deer eat both the foliage and the roots.
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  • Treated Sugarbeet Seed

    Treated Sugarbeet Seed

    Treated sugar beet seed is coated with fungicides that protect the seedlings from soil-borne and seed-borne diseases as they germinate and emerge.
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  • Ultimate Enticer Blend

    Ultimate Enticer Blend

    This blend provides maximum attraction during the hunting season and great nutrition for wildlife approaching the tough winter season.
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  • Endurance Perennial Blend

    Endurance Perennial Blend

    A blend designed to provide a multi-year food plot in areas that are difficult to get to or where planting every year takes too much time.
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  • Game Bird Frenzy Blend

    Game Bird Frenzy Blend

    This blend will attract and hold all varieties of upland game birds while continuing to provide good cover in the worst weather conditions.
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